Chinoiserie was born post the successful launch of L’Oeuf Café. Back then it was the efforts of two entrepreneurial French brothers, who branched into Asian fusion street food. Following on, accomplishments included many iconic Auckland eateries such as, KissKiss, Love Exposure and Happy Boy.

Now in the present day L’Oeuf and Chinoiserie whilst separate entities still share commonalities such as recipes and spaces. Chinoiserie is now a sister store of the much historically and legacy rich “Flying Horse Takapuna”. A Takapuna local of over 46years and counting, check them out if you’re over the shore on (www.flyinghorsetakapuna.co.nz).


Chinoiserie was first introduced to Auckland early 2014, trailblazing the scene for Asian fusion street food. Since then, our small boutique eatery has garnered recognition from industry critics such as Neatplaces, The Urbanlist, NZ Herald, Dish Magazine and Metro Topeats. Over the years we have refined our craft and brought on new flavours to the Auckland palate, we certainly take pride in curating a selection of dishes that cater to the diverse and rich culture New Zealand is known for, as well as their curiosity to explore new flavours and dining experiences. Having sustained a 4.6 Star Google rating is no small feat and is a testament to the appeal of our core offering and service standard to our customers.


Asian fusion street food is what we are best known for, with flavours combined from most of South-East Asia, including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, & Korea.

Gua Bao’s (Steamed white fluffy buns) draw inspiration from Taiwanese street food, boasting incredible flavours with decadent and abundant fillings that leave you feeling fully satisfied.

Our Pork spare ribs undergoes a slow-cooking process over three hours in our commercial oven, paired with a rich and traditional black bean sauce, deeply rooted in Cantonese culinary traditions.

Our Japanese (Karaage) inspired Popcorn Chicken, made with succulent chicken thigh pieces, is served with our house-made aioli sauce, ensuring a juicy, tender taste, with every bite.

Developed by our recent fine dining chef, the Aubergine dish introduces a unique twist by combining miso sauce with parmesan, drawing inspiration from the flavours of Japan where miso originates.

Our deconstructed slaw finds inspiration in Thailand’s cuisine, featuring our house made “Suwaan” dressing (Meaning Garden Dressing), derived from ingredients commonly found in household gardens, such as lime, garlic, coriander and mint.

An all time favourite and one of our best sellers, the “KFC” (Korean Fried Cauliflower)is an enticing dish with a sauce inspired by flavours of Korea, the key element being “Gochujang”, offering a perfect balance of tangy sweetness and hint of paprika.

The delightful “Nouc Cham” a tangy sweet fish sauce originating from Vietnam, serves as the base for several of our dishes, including the popular Hoki and Squid Gua Bao’s, creating a harmonious pairing with seafood elements.

Nothing is more Thai than a traditional black sticky rice, and we’ve added a modern twist to elevate the experience. Our Head Chef, has meticulously curated this delightful dessert using black glutinous rice, fruits, topped with generous serving of Ice-cream and luscious coconut cream.


With the ever-changing diners and preferences, our restaurant does cater to certain allergens but not all, whilst we have gluten free ingredients & nut free ingredients in some of our dishes, we unfortunately are not celiac free given the shared use of cooking equipment and therefore cross contamination.

We do have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options on our menu, with many sauces allowing a swap to vegan friendly alternatives.